Word From CEO

Word From CEO

Laurent, Co-founded The PIC Group in 2018 after a successful career as a professional Marketing and Finance expert with various Local and International organization for five (5)years. PIC Group is an investment firm, specializes in establishing new or investing in already existing businesses particularly in Real Estate & Finance, and Education.

PIC Real Estate – a flagship subsidiary of PIC Group has gained the reputation as the leading real estate acquisitions and agency for plots and farms selling in Tanzania. The wing is now expanding to housing infrastructures.

As Director of Finance for Booth Investment Real Estate and Construction company, he had responsibility for providing financial planning, management, capacity building and technical advice on multiple company’s development programs that were implemented by the organization in several regions in Tanzania and across the region. Lau served other organizations and institutions from colleges, insurance companies, consulting firms between 2011 and 2018. Throughout his career, Laur has demonstrated continuous leadership in business excellence, technical skills, and project execution. An aspiring award-winning entrepreneur highly regarded as one of Tanzania’s emerging business leaders, he features prominently in many speaking engagements aimed at promoting thought leadership, youth, and business development.

Laurent’s ambition is to continue pioneering innovation in new business developments which would expand the profile of PIC and also inspire entrepreneurship and business excellence in Tanzania.

Our Values

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs that guide our internal conduct as well as our relationship with all stakeholders. They guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. Our values give us the confidence to build a better working environment. This makes a positive impact on our clients, people and in the communities where we work.


We embrace Integrity as our way of life. Our moral and ethical principles have been the golden a thread that runs throughout our work and social commitments. Integrity permeates every activity of PIC, which means ensuring the highest standard of Accuracy, Fairness, and Honesty in our professional and social relations as well as our interactions with stakeholders.


This is what has brought us together as one strong team: Respect for each other’s work, innovation, change and utmost respect for all our stakeholders. We act to make you feel secure and confident in our relationship with you.


We believe that anything is possible. Our credentials are modest for now but we are ambitious in our aspirations. In pursuing our goals, we would be resilient and not limited by the hurdles that may arise on that journey. We would take every step – no matter how high – little by little. We remain high-spirited on our journey